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  • The HPS watchlist for the first week of June is released

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 26, 2016 9:10 pm

    As you will see in this video and every video that I put out there are great setups and there is crap. This video is the result of a full dissection of the markets. Seeing the results of the the divergence setups it is hard to not continue to hunt those down. I added some intraday scans to the search out the 60 minute divergences along with any reversal candles that could trigger at the same time. Tonight video contains mostly the Lane divergence setups we look for. These are all quality names and could be considered longer term swing setups also.

    I will pride myself on seeing this latest daily divergence that set up on the S&P and the subsequent channel breakout. This signal is almost completed but because of the overall feel of the negative market sentiment I am looking for the market to feed off this and head higher. 

    The 60 Min ute is overbought be showing signs of becoming embedded


    Taking into consideration the holiday weekend that is here.  Volume will be light but markets have a strange way of just levitating higher when there is no sellers around.

    The Watch List Video can be found here


    I will be off on Friday and will be back in the office on Wednesday. Have a great memorial day Weekend and see you early next week


    on a side note the  Tradeometer has been crushing it in the choppy market and there is many occurrences when it triggers at the same time the RAMBOT triggers when this happens I have not seen it fail 

    The Tradeometer is an add on product that measuring overbought and oversold levels on multiple time frames and this added to the 5 Min RAMBOT signals that is on the trader's dashboard gives the most accurate entry signals available.

    Today there were only 3 5 Minute signals on the RAMBOT 2 Buy Signals and 1 Sell if you refer to your es chart or mine below the thiker outlined circles and squesr represent the 5 Min RAMBOT signal and the thinner ones are the 1 Min signals you can see the results as plain as day


    If this continues to play out next week I will be sure to add this special setup to the dashboard.

    Traders that are not members of www.daytradingradio.com can subscribe the Tradeometer at 



    Amazing results so make sure you remember the 5 Min RAMBOT Tradeometer combo  The ultimate setup.


    for more info on daytradingradio membership: Benefits of being a Member




  • HPS watchlist is released and Divergence review and results

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 20, 2016 10:29 pm

    First off the market radar to start. This is a look back and a look forward to next week. Things are looking pretty good after today action played out. the 60 min time frame continued to play a key role in my trading of the SPY options. I ended up buying buying into the HPS zone identified by the lower channel line, X marks the spot zone and both the 60 min stochastic oversold level combined with the 5 minute divergence 

    This was a perfect setup for Fridays pop 

    The market radar also goes into how this strong move puts us in good position for a breakout of the current pullback channel we are in right now




    The HPS and second video that i feel is the most important can be found here

    HPS watch List Members only Video


    The second part is a review of the visual divergence set up and detailed outline on how to find them.

    It will be the second video down on the list HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


    Next week starts off quiet but I have a lot of good setups that are just poised to trigger.  

    I also have a hunch we will see a upgrade of 2 in $MU,


    You can't afford to not trade with our dedicated team try it out 





  • 2 Part HPS watch list has been released for the Week of May 16th

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 13, 2016 9:42 pm

    In a nutshell things don't look that great for the early part of next week, The markets pretty much reacted in tune with the 60 min stochastics that started out the week but when Wednesday came be also became over bought on the 60 min time frame. Markets have pulled back since then and ended on a sour note going into the weekend. In the First video I discuss the importance of not over trading and how to wait for the best setups, I wan tto add this segment to the watch list each week. This will be a review of all the "Visual" Lane Divergence setups that appear and review each of them including overnight action. If it sets up I want to identify it and show your the results. So this video goes into detail what are those qualification for the set up and how to place your stops. I great Webinar on the Divergences.

    The Second video is how to trade these RAMBOT Divergence signals using ETF's and Options. A very basic example on how you can see 20% on a trade that can cost as little as 1.00 a contract.

    Here is an chart we used today with both the S&P Futures and the Spy Options

    After that we going to some setups for next week but We will see new setups develop after Tuesday

    The HPS Members Watch List can be found here

    Have  great weekend and see you Monday



  • Things are setting up for major upside

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 06, 2016 7:41 pm

    I cover the markets this Friday and pretty much shut the site off for outside viewers and we had a 3 hour research session which I think helped a lot of members plan out there positions and trades into next week. I could go over and over in the post the reason I was looking for a reversal  and close higher today but I did that enough of of the first part of the HPS video. The first 35 minutes are those observation and rough draft of the watch list and then from 36 min till end I put things in a more focused list. So you want miss much if you jump to the 36:00 min market. The Video again is packed with education and trading techniques so a great resource for the newbies. 

    Members Only Watch List

    The big development today was the multiple time frame set up on the daily and 60 minute time frames. The cherry on top was the 60 minute divergence. I did a lot of preaching this week on waiting for the best setups in the market to trade today was that day and even those many stocks seems sluggish and weak early on by the end of the day we got the reversal and so did many of the watch list stocks.

    This sets us up for a potential huge week starting Monday..

    Here are a few great setups that we will be focusing on next week, 

    $VZ, $CMG, $DRI 


    To receive all the research and benefits. Check out the benefits here

    Markets will be exciting next week be sure to tune it 


  • This weeks HPS Watch List is out and its big

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 30, 2016 7:04 pm

    I try to keep the video's under 40 minutes but I been out the last couple days and put in a whole day of research and charting. A lot of the setups on the video are potential HPS trades I can not take them all and I focused that list down to the best Bets of the week at the end of the second video.

    The First Video is the Market radar Video discussing the SPX (S&P 500) outlook for next week along with a preview of some setups and a review of trades from the previous week.

    The Second video is the Core HPS watch list so if you are not interested in the radar or review then jump to the second video. The First video has a lot of education and good points to remember when trading and would recommend watching it especially new traders. 

    The HPS watch list videos are here for members

    As for next week here are the earnings Monday (May 2)

    and the Economic calendar 


    See you Monday Morning




  • Next week's HPS Watch List is out Your Homework is find your Velvet Rope and get by it

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 22, 2016 5:01 pm

    Weird couple days in the market, I felt everything going great and even started our shorts right on time for this recent pullback. Took profits and moved on but felt out of touch and disconnected for some reason. Maybe because it was my birthday and wanted to be home with the family. Anyway I pushed through and put out a HPS watch list but I feel it needs be updated early next week as Monday looks like it could help determine if this latest pullback is just a pause before a run to new highs. I feel it is and also feel the recent pullbacks in some quality names need to be bought. Like $VZ, $V and $EAT  I make up for the lack of pure HPS with some great education on what I am looking for when I do my scans. These are a few HPS Playbook plays that we need to always be on the lookout for.

    On a sad not Prince passed away this week and it's always a wake up call to me when i see someone that has it all pass away. I wanted to pass on the story of the day I met Prince. I have told this story a couple times on the radio but never in detail and now after the passing of Prince I want to share it again and this time to motivate you to live the life you dream of and let nothing stop you. 

    This weeks watch list video can be found here


    Let me tell you the day I met Prince. I was working at the post office early 90's late 80's and I have a friend Doug who was working there part-time and had recently got a job at the local police department so he stopped working at the PO. We would hang out every so often do things go down to the city and stuff. One day he ask me to go down to the city with him at the time he was just a rookie. He also just got bought a new car it was a really nice Ford expedition or something like that and we ended up driving down there and looking for a Club to go to. We're driving probably in the 40s and we turned down the street and we see that line of people just lined up going to this club. I was not that familiar with that club or knew anything about it but we decided that were we would try. We ended up pulling into the first parking garage having new car and he didn't want to park on the street and other reasons too he said as a cop he could not leave his gun in the car. So he tucks the gun in his pants and pulls his shirt over it.

    When we get to the line for the club I see right away kid and play the rap stars. Kid and Play were standing online just a few people in front of us. I believe Kid was the one with the real tall hair and then I see heavy D and the boys.I wasn't really a big hip-hop fan at that point in my life but I did know some other ones like Biggie Smalls. There were a lot of models also that were famous also but the one thing that stood out was "me" the only tall white boy everyone on the line was black It didn't really bother me and I wasn't made to feel out of place as far as everyone cared it was just me that felt a bit out of place and uncomfortable because if you look at me at that time I was a huge Miami Vice fan and at that time in my life if I was wearing the typical Miami Vice clothing so I had this real light pair pants like a linen white pants and I just pastel colored shirt on and my hair was kind of long and kind of messy but I still remember I'm 6 foot three and you know I'm pretty pale pollock and well it was kind of weird until we got to the front of the line. We get to the front of the line and the bouncer there says this is a private event. He asks what's our name to check the list and we say oh no we're here just to go to the club. So we got rejected but before we leave the line my friend Doug hearing the bouncers dialect asks where in Jamaica is he from. Doug is also Jamaican. Next thing changes everything. The guy is from the same village Doug is from and they are exchanging old stories of the lady who made Bread. Doug gets both of us in the club. We then proceed to get scanned and Doug mentions he is carrying and is an off duty police officer. So that's an issue and after a 15 discussion everyone agrees to lock up the gun in the safe. They wrapped it signed it and locked it. He manager opened the curtain to the main floor and said enjoy the night.

    I walk into a cloud of smoke so thick you would have called the fire department except for that smell that enticing mysterious aroma.Doug gets my attention and says follow me in the bathroom I am have a gun on me and I can't have it on me. I have know idea why I had to follow him to the bathroom but I did and he says he is going in putting the gun on toilet and I go in and take it and put it in my pocket.Hey he was a cop. I at the time I didn't think much of it. I was just assisting an officer of the law.I go in and get the gun which is not a regulation Glock but an old school revolver he kept strapped to his ankle. I put it in my front pocket and felt the weight start sliding my belt less pants down. Not to mention the huge outline of a revolver where another huge outline would be I pulled it out when I realized a 6'3 Don Johnson wanna be with a huge revolver in his front linen pants would not go over well in the hard core hip hop scene. I slid it in the only rear pocket I had and went outside into the club.

    I stepped back into the cloud of smoke and made my way over to the bar where I found Doug looking real nervous. I ordered my standard at the time a White Russian. I was never a big hard alcohol drinker. And never smoked although I felt really good that night. I looked to the left of me and this stunning black girls who looked as tall as I was was ordering drinks I knew right off it was a famous model Naomi Campbell or was it the banks girl it was so long ago.Doug ask the bartender if we can get up into the roped off section. He said that was the private vip area and it's a private list. We ask who's the host and he says Prince. Even back then I had a feeling of awe that I was just yards away from the purple one. I loved his music and I had conquered bigger challenges getting through velvet ropes before. I wanted to get closer.Like i said I have gotten past many velvet roped and definitely not on my looks .I was just going to act important and walk right up and see if they open the rope.I can feel it today writing this. The combination of the herb, my White Russian and the Saturday night special in my back pocket I drifted up there past kid and play and many others I had no clue of. I felt their eye on me the only white boy in the house and dressed like an extra on Miami vice. The bouncer at this rope was twice the size of the one outside and we had other thing in common He was white and looked like a viking or Santa Claus it was a toss up I knew it was Princes personal bodyguard. I stood there in front on the rope and then blew it. I peered in. Never peer in it makes you look needy. I realize my mistake and knew my chance was gone. I maybe got within 20 feet of him. And I know that's not a great ending and there are people who got to meet him see him. But the night was magical I am sure I was I the presence of many deceased artist Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Run dmc. And me Johnny Silver packing a Saturday night special

    Its sad when you hear of someone's passing, Famous people put it in a different perspective they had it all and its gone like that. What would Prince give to have it again? No amount of money or fame will stop the enviable. You never know when its time so its best to take it to the limit and always try to see the positive in life. Do what makes you happy now don' wait till your retired and secure. You never will be. Time is flying by so fast,.

    Today I am 49 years old..I am thankful for my Wife that I love so much and my kids that keep me young, My sister who is always there for me.

    Not to mention my step dad and in laws.and my extended family of friend and DTR Friends and family

    Whats the moral of this story?Always try to get past the Velvet Rope.

    Whats the worst thing that can happen?

    Have a Great Weekend and See you Sunday Night-Monday




  • Early edition of the HPS watch list video is out for Next Week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 15, 2016 2:05 pm

    Yes wanted to get it out earlier in case you could take advantage of the setups before the close. I like the list this week, it is not big but we are seeing some better clarity on some charts making it easier see a move coming. 

    The video can be watched here for members 



    Look for more material to be released Sunday

  • New market Radar for Friday and Preview HPS for next week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 14, 2016 8:21 pm

    Fantastic day with the follow through out of the flag setup on the daily . The best bet was WFM and it was a rockstar. This video goes into why that trade worked and whats setting up for tomorrow


    Futures moving into positive territory right now we have a lot of Chinese data out overnight will be good for those overnight traders the Es just made a great divergence right now

    The Members Video can be found here http://daytradingradio.com//10for1000


    Become a member


  • Market Radar for Thursday and Friday. Markets breaking out of flag

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 13, 2016 10:43 pm

    Tomorrow should be another great trading day as most of the stocks on the watch list this week have just begun to make their move.. The moves in some of these names have been expected earlier in the week but timing is always hard when we try to attempt to call any specific day to see the move expected. We are able to narrow it down using multiple time frames and a disciplined approach. Most of the stock in this update have great potential for bottoms but let me also state this group of stock also are in a lower price range that I always stress are harder to see sustained moves. I would say these have quality names but the charts have been not so quality. The potential is there for these and tomorrow I would expect to see some follow through.

    The market radar didnt go over the best bet for tomorrow and I would like to announce that here.

    $WFM is The Best Bet for the next 2 days and possibly next week 

    The main signal is the very possible "Lane Divergence" setting up. More on this in the video.

    This video can be found on here 



  • Market is in a pull back... Short term but don't count out new highs soon

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Apr 08, 2016 6:10 pm

    First thing, This has been a very slow week for myself, The positives have been seeing the topping divergence and being able to take some hedges against my longs. I ended up taking those off on the break down yesterday.  The frustrating part is my current position longs have been stale and not moving. The scalps and short term trades are nice we had quite a few nice ones this week. 


    SLD 4 GILD Apr1516 94 CALL 1.86 USD NASDAQOM +344.52

    SLD 1 GILD Apr1516 94 CALL 1.94 USD BOX                 +93.53

    SLD  1      CMG Apr1516 460 CALL 5.55 USD NASDAQOM + 109.42

    SLD 1 AGN Apr0816 240 CALL 3.90 USD PSE                 +84.43

    SLD 4 SPY Apr0816 206 PUT 1.84 USD AMEX + 1         + 128.89

    SLD 3 SPY Apr1516 204.5 PUT 1.93 USD BOX                  +93.51

    SLD 2 SPY Apr1516 204.5 PUT 1.72 USD BOX                  +20.34

    SLD 4 ANAC Apr1516 70 CALL @ 1.00 USD CBOE -230.47 (took this off way to early)

    SLD 3 YHOO Apr1516 37 CALL 1.17 USD NASDAQOM +47.20 

    SLD 10 AGN 236.32 USD ARCA                                  +122.15


    It's not all rosy cause my current longs in








    are under water and have negated the gains for the week..Tough week but thats what happens when you have the sell side signal we need to get through before these stocks make there move.

    The other note I want to make is the majority of my holding now our those stock that trade at a much cheaper level 20-30-40 level. I always stress to trade quality. These have quality names but the price action is weak. 

    Next week I want to concentrate more on the short term 1-2 day trades  


    and the RAMBOT  which combined with the Tradeometer is giving you the biggest edge in trading the futures

    With he 60 Min rolling over again and the daily still moving down this puts a lot of pressure on trade for the early part of next week. Here is some targets to look for.

    The weekend and the Sunday night open could bring with it news that could move the markets

    See the channel we are in is typical of the rising wedge breakdown that we broke down from. A new short term downtrend is in effect. The setup is bearish short term Monday-Tuesday  but the big picture has us very close to recent highs and this channel can be the last pullback before we make a run to those levels

    This weeks watch list was a tough one I plan to add tot he setups as they appear this week but for now. I will be a little bit more picky on the long set ups and  the short will be taken in the index ETF SPY and those associated with them.

    Video Watch List can be found here



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