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  • Streaming DTR today: Technical Note

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Oct 01, 2014 9:05 am

    Today DTR may be operating portions of the program schedule without some of our supporting sub-channels on the member's dashboard. Our streaming provider Livestream, has been upgrading their systems and this is the reason why we have some inconsistent service from them. We hope to have most of these issues sorted out today. At times today you WILL hear music and possibly other audio elements mixed into the main stream, rendering the sub-channel controls useless on the dashboard until fixed. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this technical challenge. Thanks for your time and your support.




    UPDATE: We believe normal service is now being restored.as of 9:58am

    UPDATE: 1PM EST. Livestream has informed us that they are continuing to do migrations on their network today. Will keep you posted.

  • Breaking Briefs - New Tunes Tuesday

    briguy post

    posted by briguy

    Sep 30, 2014 3:38 pm

    Briguy's Breaking Briefs (DTR1, 4:30pm ET)

    What you turn on When the markets turn off.  Join us for news, earnings, and tunes.

    ============== End of Quarter/Year ==============

    U.S. consumer confidence fell in September for the first time in five months and home prices in July rose less than expected from a year earlier, underscoring the unsteady nature of U.S. growth.

    Also: According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac 2014 (page 84), the first trading day of each month combined produce nearly double the gains of all other days. However, based upon DJIA, October’s first trading day is rather meager as the seventh best performing first trading day of all twelve months with DJIA gaining a cumulative 339.01 points since 1997. Over the past 21 years, DJIA’s first trading day of October has produced gains just 57.1% of the time with an average gain of 0.19%. S&P 500 has advanced 52.4% of the time. NASDAQ has been notably weaker at just 42.9% with an average loss of 0.39%. (http://blog.stocktradersalmanac.com/)

    Let's look at today's action and see where things stand going into the new 'year'.

    Plus, it's New Tunes Tuesday ... we'll check out some new music out this week.

    See you tonight !!

    During show, you can reach me at:

    Twitter: @briguytrading | @breakingbriefs


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  • Breaking Briefs - End of Year Manip?

    briguy post

    posted by briguy

    Sep 29, 2014 3:28 pm

    Briguy's Breaking Briefs (DTR1, 4:30pm ET)

    What you turn on When the markets turn off.  Join us for news, earnings, and tunes.

    ============== End of Fiscal Year Manipulation? ==============

    The market has been doing it's end-of-september-into-october two-step, and we're doing our best to stay in the hunt.  September 30 is the end of Fiscal year for many corporations, so are we seeing re-balancing?  Tonight, we'll review the action and look for clues going into the rest of the week.  

    See you tonight !!

    During show, you can reach me at:

    Twitter: @briguytrading | @breakingbriefs


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  • OptionsEdge Watch List | 9.29.14

    posted by LearJet

    Sep 28, 2014 6:11 pm

    Click here to view this week's OptionsEdge Watch List!

  • Early release of the HPS Watch list for next week. Take early advantage of tomorrows action

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Sep 25, 2014 6:04 pm

    I hope everyone got through the market pullback this week. A lot of action over the last few days. The 60 min time frame played it off like a normal occasion, A picture perfect downward channel formed in the SPX and the appearance of a Lane Divergence got us short and hedging for a move to the downside. It worked great today I took my vxx off and some shorts  still holding some SPXU but as you will see in this video we are once again in that position where we have multiple time frames setting up for a bounce. It is really hard to call a significant bounce here as the sell off seems to be picking up some steam. The decline was very broad based. I do have a level to watch and that's just under us at 1958-1962 zone. You can see on the chart below the convergence of trend lines (X Marks the Spot Trade)


    Ideally I would like to see a fast move down to that level then a pretty good rally back up..how far? well lets get the first part taken care of first..

    In either case there are some great HPS zones approaching and I am happy to get this out before tomorrow as there could be some great opportunities if we hit those zones.

    You can see View the watch list here 

    Here is the HPS site with all the active charts

    and last but not least This week I put out the first Edition of Monetary Morphine a Daily Financial/Trading News paper focusing on everything that we use to prepare ourselves for the day and week.

    On it i have a great Section for FT71 (FutureTrader71 Volume profile zones and explaination

    also you will find the calendars for the upcoming economic events and earning calendar too

    * The current Kick As Trade of the Week (Best Bet for the HPS list)

    * Latest Market Radar Video

    * Latest DTRS Educational Video (School of Stock)

    * Recap of Mad Money

    *Latest updates from Seeking Alpha 

    plus many other sections that you will love to review daily.

    View Monetary Morphine 


  • The StockJocknRoll Show Tonight at 9:00 PM ET

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Sep 24, 2014 2:18 pm

    Join the The StockJocknRoll Show Wednesday Night – September 24th, kicking off at 9pm ET on DayTradingRadio.com or StockJocknRoll.com

    Show segments include:

    1. A review of the markets and will take stock chart request.

    2.  Trend Following- The dice game.

    3. Watch Interview rrecorded with Howard Lindzon and Baiju Bhatt talking about Robinhood $0 commissions

    4. The “Dr is in the House” a look at the past week articles from Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. and talk about highlights of items that stood out to us.

    5. “Keep it simple” Trading systems

    6. Principles for Trading for a Living with a small account.

  • Market Radar for Wednesday and Thursday watch for bounce and failure

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Sep 24, 2014 1:04 pm

    Great 5 minute video showing you the set up and what is expected in the next couple days. I don't expect today's rally to be anything more then a 60 min rotation inside a larger downtrend

  • Market Radar for Tuesday Sept 22nd More Downside Expected

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Sep 22, 2014 5:44 pm

    Probably good to review Fridays video to get a recap on how this pullback set up on the charts http://youtu.be/JHA5YXM_kWA other then that its all in the video expecting more downside.


  • Breaking Briefs - So Long Summer

    briguy post

    posted by briguy

    Sep 22, 2014 3:21 pm

    Briguy's Breaking Briefs (DTR1, 4:30pm ET)

    What you turn on When the markets turn off.  Join us for news, earnings, and tunes.

    ============== Bull Market Says Goodbye to Summer ?? ==============

    Tonight, all the pundits will be giving you excuses about this market.  "We've run up too far too fast."  "The bull market can only last so long."  "It's time for relief."  Then you have the mindless finger-pointers: "U.S. Stocks Weighed Down By China."  "Small-Cap Selloff Leaves Fewer Stocks Shouldering Rally".  "It's Apples fault! It's Alibaba's!"  What's laughable is how there would be a completely opposite take on these same stories if the market was up today.  Well, that's why it's called a market.

    As for us, we'll take a look at how far we've pulled back and what it could mean for the rest of the week.  We'll cover any major news for the day and our usual bout of tunes and entertainment, including some summer-to-autumn-related music.

    You may also be interested in our review of the Miss America Pageant (I'm sorry, the Miss America Scholarship Program !!).  I think you'll be very surprised.

    Should be a great show.  See you later today.

    During show, you can reach me at:

    Twitter: @briguytrading | @breakingbriefs


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  • HPS for the week of Sept 23rd 2014 "Pullback Expected"

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Sep 19, 2014 8:32 pm

    We have a few great signals that are pointing to a better short side trade next week and possibly longer. I forgot the mention in video the effect of Options expiration today causing some chance these signals might be flawed. But I don't think so.. I started back short today and cleared out some more longs. And I am up on BABA Booey.. Great information on this video about Lane divergences and stochastics in general. 2 Arrow Down for Monday.

    This week's Watch List video can be found here.

    This past week I noticed the channel breakout stochastic rotation was the goto setup, so I wanted to share my educational video on it and post these charts to save as reference.

    Channel breakout Stochastic Rotation "School of Stock Video"


    Still Active ^^^