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DayTradingRadio Member Testimonials:

When you become a member to DayTradingRadio, you're asked to fill out a short survey about what you like most about DayTradingRadio.com.  Here's what everyone's saying:


- "I recently signed up for Day Trading Radio and I have been highly impressed. I was skeptical at first but decided to do it because of the free tryout. The Day Trading Radio community has been like a family who is waiting to help me with any questions I may have, and I have a lot of them. I have no trading experience and some of my questions might seem silly to a trader who has been doing this for years, but the chatroom does not treat me like an idiot and they always answer my questions." - Brandon


-   "You guys rock, period!

Best monthly money I ever spent! Always pays for itself, no kidding. DTRS you save me a lot of time with your stock pics. I love the explanations throughout the day but the big bonus is the input from all the other great traders. Awesome night shows and great laughs too along with great music! The technical expertise to keep my PC running smooth is outstanding!" - Gonefishin


-   "Great job DTRS. I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into this. My Christmas   present from my wife this year was a subscription to Daytrading Radio. Best money we ever spent! Less than 3 months into the year and I am up over $46000.00.  The vast amount of that came from your picks. So thanks again to you and all the great members on this site.  What a team!!!" - Martin


-      "I like your entire format.  I have subscribed to a couple other trading groups, newsletters, prognostication, and such.  So far this I like best!  I like that the chatroom pretty-much stays on-topic (trading talk).– Pippy


-      "Just starting, but it already made me money! – That’s what I like!  Learned more about charting in the first couple days.  Keep repeating the basics for us new people.  I asked a question in the chatroom - DTRS answered it live, and 2 other people PM'd me with answers - love the help from this room. 

-      "I like DayTraderRockstar because he is honest.   There are so many people that are not.  They ask money for their system (that isn’t one really).  And rockstar isn't that expensive. I like the way he explains everything.  It’s crystal clear. Love your work man." – Bani


-      "I've been studying chart patterns for over 5 years, but have never had such great help with understanding how to trade them.  Just amazing how much better I'm doing by hanging out with DTRS." – Pat R


-      "The watchlists, real-time trade viewing, and DayTraderRockStar’s availability."


-      "Live responses all day. Immediate reaction and walk through of current market conditions" – Subarctica86


-      "Live continuous commentary and 10 for 1000 set ups.  I like the music too." – Captainblokart


-      "The explanation of why the trades are being taken."


-      "It's a great way to have something other than CNBC playing and you get a sentiment of what's going on in the overall market.  Plus a chat room to speak to other traders is great and not to mention all the education." – Paski


-      "DTRS wisdom and advice on the market as things play out, especially on the ES. DTRS himself, his humor, Dawit and the other funny stuff.  Chatroom, brilliant people in there.   Educational videos and watchlist.  Trader spotlight with RPM.– yankel


-      "John's trading style, which is similar to mine, bounce plays on thick stocks.  The watchlist 10/1000, the educational videos, the radio show, John calling out the market, the background news, crickets -popcorn.  John's personal trading journey stories.  Overall I think it is a great set-up.  Congrats to everyone involved, you all do a great job." – Pattern1


-      "The breakdown of technical analysis LIVE and in front of you. Tthe background news and  pit "noise.”"  - pjssscw


-      "The honest no spin opinion!" – Mileyr1382


-      "Trading education. I found the site two years ago doing a Google search on trading. DTRS stress education. John has quite some ability to study charts, place trades, and explain his technique in detail. He has a passion for research, which is appealing. He is also kind hearted, and fosters an open and nurturing environment. Needless to say, trading is difficult, but John brings a calm. John always goes back to the basics when things get confusing. The Trader's Spotlight sessions are very interesting." – Joe


-      "Overall market direction/updates  - much better than listening to MSNBC."  – digitalwave


-      "Finding new stock websites. Finding new stocks. Reading the chatroom. Love RPM's Tuesday and Thursday shows." – hot_rod


-      "Holds your hand through the trades all day long" – badisse


-      "Rockstar seems to truly love what he does and it shows. Quality and unobstructed information about charts, trends, and trades. As a beginning trader, I need all the help I can get, and Rockstar lays it all out there for you."  - Jim


-      "DTRS seems to be great stock picker. It's fascinating to see his stocks taking off."  - kl08


-      "The training its excellent." – walt


-      "10 for 1000 list.  The teaching that Johnny gives on the charts through videos." – rattman


-      "DTRS's high probability setup strategy walkthroughs, the 10 for 1000 list, the music, members, humour, seminars." – kevfromthenorth


-      "DayTraderRockStar’s system and his outlook on helping others learn to trade." – georgem


-      "What I like the most about DTR is the exact trade entry point (live trade alerts) that you give to members for every stocks you buy. According to what I see, those trades are real stocks you are buying. So, to me, it looks more serious than just other people that are suggesting stocks that they don't buy themselves.  I really don't have the time to search for the best stocks to buy so I'm turning myself to real traders that know what they are doing.  I'm new so I might have more feedback later but if the trade history you are presenting is really true and contain all the trades presented in the live trade alerts, then I will be an happy guy!!! I hope you will keep this performance and keep doing this until I will be retired :)"


-      "He's with you most of the day, if not all day. Calling out high tick alerts, break throughs in trendlines, news etc." – tomahawk735


-        "I like that John stays with us most the time.  I love the 10 for 1000 watch list.  I like his honesty! And that he posts his calls/trades. I like the member chatroom.  Also I like that Brian is there if I need help or have a question!   I have recommended John to all of my friends..To sum it up I am happy to be a member thus far!!!!!!!!!!" – Rose843


-      "Hosts are willing to call actual trades....many chat rooms talk a lot, but they never actually call any trades.   Most give multiple reasons all day long why it's not a good time to trade, meanwhile the market makes five and ten point moves all over the place." – James


-      "Live show. Charting. Listening to other sources while on air. Up to the minute market information." – Bert


-      "Thers no BS, no catch, and no underlying sale being pushed! DTR is straight forward, to the point and very accurate!  As a new full time trader DTR has enabled me to advance much faster than I initially anticipated!  Thank you!!!" – ericgilberti


-      "Feels a lot less lonely having the chatter, music.  Entertaining and also helpful for scanning set-ups." – michaelmasseytrading


-      "ES MINI Charts and technical’s and a basic feel from non media people on how things are going in the market."  – Waikiki


-      "I really like the environment. It feels co-operative, engaged and alive. It's exciting!" – icetrades


-      "I appreciate that DTRS discusses the psychology of trading as well as the technical aspects.  It all works together, and getting the psychology right is as critical as the entry and exit points." – dilafng


-      "The technical analysis.  I was a buy and hold trader until it didn't work the last few years and thought I would try day and swing trading.  The lessons learned are invaluable.  I've learned a lot." – streetguy


-      "The music is great variety, makes trading much more enjoyable and adds a great diversion to the trading day.   the setups are good and the host is of good character!" – micky


-      "The community is great.  They're extremely helpful and answer most all questions without hesitation. That and all the members and services are top notch right next to the community."


-      "Education on setups and seeing the trades called and closed. I'm not by myself out there" – jimnjan7266


-      "Everything.  The music is great. The input and interaction between the members and Johnny.  Being a part of a group with common objectives rather than sitting alone all day trying to figure this stuff out for myself." - jimbo


-      "There is no show like this, its #1 in my book. To manage a trading strategy and talk and be so focused and easy going is amazing. Techtalk with RPM is to die for ! Amazing knowledge!  Simply Amazing, excellent.  Traders SpotLight excellent!  The amount of time and passion you guys have shows there is something special and success is in the cards for DTR. The ES charts, the knowledge, the trading skills...everything! Whats nice is to see how many of the DTR team has become a DTR family! This is something you don't see very often, you guys have an excellent connection, many bonds and friendships and built because of the shared passion and the way DTR gives back to the members.  The fact you listen to your listeners...always positive.  It’s amazing to see Johnny inviting people to these special events.  He's passionate, amazing and full of life." – Aracabid


-      "ES feed, rockstar personality, education, pit feed. Also, RPM's personality and tech tips." – Larry


-      "Clean chatroom and good people that do the same thing I do." – bhallou


-      "I've watched all your you tube videos and I love them. I don't have the time to find all these good setups, so I'm interested in your 10 for 1k setups, which save a lot of time :)" – nappy


-      "I love the way things are presented in your videos and I like the fact that you deal with stochastics and making trades work for you based on that. It is so simple and that is the way I like it.  I like tuning into the show, hearing what you say and follow the charts that you pull up to explain things." – Ian


-      "Helps me not feel alone (I am alone on the desk).  It's a great audio based supplement to all of the visual monitoring I'm doing of markets. DTRS has some great set ups.  I like his technique and I'm learning from him." – leadfoot88


-      "New trading ideas, setups, audio feed to floor, economic updates, live screen sharing." – junoti


-      "The professionalism, teachings for high probability set-ups, the family/community environment  and how the DTR makes the day exciting with both work and music.  DTR unites like-minded daytrader individuals throughout the day to make one feel that they are not alone.  Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it seems like one can make some money just by piggybacking off of DTR trades.  THANKS!!!!" – Lennon


-     "A lot of education, no pressure to trade a certain way, not too much bragging about being the best like some other paid services.  Seems like a good group of folks."